Monday, July 21, 2008

God is the greatest gift of the Gospel in and above all things

This is a quote from Jonathan Edwards taken from John Piper's "God is the Gospel."
"The redeemed have all of their objective good in God. God himself is the great good which they are brought to the possession and enjoyment of by redemption. He is the highest good, and the sum of all that good which Christ purchased. God is the inheritance of the saints; he is the portion of their souls. God is their wealth and treasure, their food, their life, their dwelling place, their ornament and diadem, and their everlasting honor and glory. They have none in heaven but God; he is the great good which the redeemed are received to at death, and which they are to rise at the end of the world. The Lord God, he is the light of the heavenly Jerusalem; and is the 'river of the water of life' that runs, and the tree of life that grows, 'in the midst of the paradise of God.' The glorious excellencies and the beauty of God will be what will forever entertain the minds of the saints, and the love of God will be their everlasting feast. The redeemed will indeed enjoy other things; they will enjoy angels, and will enjoy one another: but that which they shall enjoy in angles, or each other, or in anything else whatsoever, that will yield them delight and happiness, will be what will be seen of God in them."

"For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to Him be the glory forever. Amen" Romans 11:36

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bobby Burns poem

"O Thou great Being! what Thou art Surpasses me to know:
Yet sure I am, that known to Thee are all Thy works below.

Thy creature here before Thee stands, all wretched and distressed;
Yet sure those ills that wring my soul obey Thy highest behest.

Sure, Thou, Almighty, canst no act from cruelty or wrath!
Oh, free my weary eyes from tears, or close them fast in death!

But if I must afflicted be, to suit some wise design;
Then, man my soul with firm resolves to bear and not repine!"

What if Muslims had won?

Thanks to Todd Pruitt for finding this article