Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Thought About NALT

There is this thing going on, this thing called NALT. It’s a bunch of Christians pointing at Christians and calling them bigots for calling homosexuality sin. Lead by fellas like Dan Savage and John Shore this thing aims at proclaiming to LGBT’s that Not All Christians are Like That (NALT).

They stare down at their fellow “brothers and sisters” saying that they are wrong, bigots, right-wing conservatives, and fundamentalists for thinking and believing the Bible to condemn homosexuality. (In fact Shore even goes so far as to call them unbelievers.)

And to a point I agree. Yea, we’re not all like that. Yea, not all Christians want to, “Hate LGBT” people. But quite frankly I find this little thing extremely offensive and divisive.

NALT does nothing more than give incentive to pit brother against brother and sister against sister. (Which, I suppose, I should be glad since, “I have come to, ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother…” Matt 10:34-39)

By essentially claiming that all Christians who are not supporting LGBT ideals hate LGBT people is a universal claim that is majoritively untrue.

I do not support LGBT. The Bible is clear this is sin. But does this mean I hate them?

No, it means I want to love them and see them saved from their sin. Yet still more I do not see my sin as anymore terrible, damnable, or deplorable than their sin. But to say, “Turn from your sins with me and believe in Jesus,” is in fact loving.

Are all LGBT unsaved nonbelievers? No. Is it possible to be a Christian who struggles with homosexuality? Yes. However one’s identity would not be in their homosexuality but rather in Jesus. “Gay Christians” by nature identify themselves first by their sexual standing and not by their supposed Savior.

But again, I identify myself by my sins or any other thing than Jesus more often than not. Does this make me not a Christian? No, it makes me a saved sinner who struggles – along with all the other saved sinners – to see Jesus as completely satisfying in all areas of life including my heterosexuality.

So what am I saying? I’m saying that NALT is a divisive, manipulative and filled with false claims. I’m saying there is another option to their two-optioned approach. You can be a Christian and believe homosexuality is a sin and not hate the LGBT people – it’s called a “disagreement” and contrary to NALT teaching, these “disagreements” happen quite a bit.