Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Inerrant Bible

Recently my reading has been on the Bible's credibility (hence the title). As I have thought about this, I realized, that many people say that the Bible teaches superb ideals to practice in their life, but not that it is the inerrant word of God. This is a rather flawed look, for if the Bible has the authority to speak about how one should live their life, then what keeps it from being the main authority on everything that is written in it? It written do not lie, murder, steal, or commit adultery, and these are great ideals to practice, and if we practice these then life would be, seemingly, easier. However if it is taken as an authority in those ten things, then what keeps it from being taken in authority for everything it states? James Montgomery Boice says in "Foundations for the Christian Faith", "many appeal to the scriptures in defense of basic doctrines... But if the Bible is authoritative and accurate in these matters, there is no reason why it should not be authoritative and accurate when speaking about itself." Thus if the Bible is to be taken as the plum line on some things, then it should be taken as the plum line on all things. I see it as an all or nothing, you either believe that all the Bible is true, or none of it is true. If you say some things are true and others are not, then the things you see as truth are nor really true, for why should they be true when they are contained alongside falsehoods in the same book? "In the Pentateuch the words, 'the LORD said' occur almost eight-hundred times." Therefore the Bible claims to be the "God breathed" word of God. It claims to be the word of God, thus, if the parts of the Book are take as truth, than so must this truth.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inside Out

Recently it seems that the main thing that I have been coming across in not only my reading, but also in the music I listen to is the cry of creation to the creator. It is written that the rocks will cry out to the Lord to offer Him the praise He so deserves. However, I think that creation is already calling out to Christ to continually tell Him that He is holy and worthy to be praised, and even though we do not often get it right, when we do, we join with the stars, the rocks, and all things living, giving honor to the Majesty of heaven. As it was stated so well in the song "From the Inside Out" "Everlasting Your light will shine when all else fades, never ending Your glory goes beyond all days. And the cry of my heart is to give you praise from the inside out Lord my soul cries out." Thus, as we go about life during this hectic holiday season, let us never forget that when we praise our King, we do not do it alone, we are joined by all of creation. So, keep Christ at the fore, the hind, the core, and the surrounding of your life, and praise the One from whose mouth came the burning sun, and do it with reverence and humility before the great I AM! To say:
"I heard the rocks crying out, with the rocks I cry out, Be praised for all Your tenderness,by these works of Your hands, songs that rise, and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land, look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that you have made blue for the sky, and the color green, that fills these fields with praise."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tolerant Intolerance

Tolerant Intolerance, this is what is being taught nowadays. That we should be tolerant of others religious views, because what is right and true for one person might not be right and true for another person. However when a Christian comes to another and simply uses the name Jesus, then all of a sudden we are being intolerant of the others beliefs!? Hmmm... What about them, in saying we (Christians) are being intolerant to them, they themselves are being intolerant to us. Confirming Christ's statement of Christians being hated. But let me say this, by my tolerance of another person, I am affectively damning them to hell, I am tolerating them to the point of death. As a Christian this is unacceptable! We are to proclaim the truth of God, even if it means I hurt someones feelings. I would much rather have my feelings hurt, and come into the knowledge of the saving Savior then to burn in hell forever. God's word does not return void, this is our promise, what it is intended to do that it does. Thus, let us be "intolerant" to bring people to Christ.