Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A simple man’s prayer for his generation:

“O Lord that you would save us, a wretched people is astounding, we do not know whether to jump for joy of it, or to weep for the cost that was paid for us. Your love transverses all paradigms and makes these blind men see the radiant glory of the everlasting King. A love that opens the ears of these deaf men, to hear their Master’s call, the love that brings to life these dead men, and makes them live for You. O the love that saturates every part of your magnificently sovereign plan! You are the Lord and there cannot ever be anyone besides You. For You are all-encompassing. You are the filler of this empty soul, the bringer of life, the great I AM! O my God how can it be that you would love this generation, bring us back to you, O my King bring revival, it is near, let it be! May your will be done. Amen.”

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