Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The God Who is There

I am reading John Piper's new book "Spectacular Sins, and Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ." Here is an excerpt from it, personally I think it is phenomenal:

"This book also aims to solidify the conviction that Christianity is not merely a set of ideas and practices and feelings designed for our psychological well-being -- whether designed by God or man. That is not what Christianity is. Christianity begins with the conviction that God is an objective reality outside ourselves. We do not make him what he is by thinking a certain way about him. As Francis Shaeffer said, he is the God who is there. We don't make him. He makes us. We don't decide what he is going to be like. He decides what we are going to be like. He created the universe, and it has the meaning he gives it, not the meaning we give it. If we give it meaning different from his, we are fools. And our lives will be tragic in the end.
Christianity is not a game; it's not therapy. All of its doctrine flows from God who is, and what he has done in history. They correspond to hard facts. Christianity is more than facts, but not less. There is faith and hope and love. But these don't float in the air. They grow like great cedar trees in the rock of God's truth.
And the reason I make this one of my aims in this book is because I am deeply convinced from the Bible that our eternal joy and strength and holiness depends on the solidity of this worldview putting strong fiber into the spine of our faith. Wimpy worldviews make wimpy Christians. And wimpy Christians won't survive the days ahead. Rootless emotionalism that treats Christianity like a therapeutic option will be swept away in the last days. Those who will be left standing will be those who have built their house on the rock of great, objective truth with Jesus Christ as the origin, center, and goal of it all."

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