Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Martin Luther = Da Man

I got Martin Luther's "Bondage of the Will" yesterday and promptly began reading it... and laughing because of it. Luther went from 5th in my book, to 1st in a sentence, here is the long sentence.

"And next, because, on so great a subject, you say nothing but what has been said before: therefore, you say less about, and attribute more unto "Free-will," then the Sophists have hitherto said and attributed: (of which I shall speak more fully hereafter.) So that it seems even superfluous to reply to these your arguments, which have been indeed often refuted by me; but trodden down, and trampled under foot, by the incontrovertible book of Philip Melancthon "Concerning Theological Questions;" a book, in my judgment, worthy not only of being immortalized, but being included in the ecclesiastical canon: in comparison of which, your Book is, in my estimation, so mean and vile, that I greatly feel for you for having defiled your most beautiful and ingenious language with such vile trash; and such unworthy stuff should be borne about in ornaments of eloquence so rare; which is as if rubbish, or dung, should be carried in vessels of gold and silver."

Thats funny.

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