Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tolerant Intolerance

Tolerant Intolerance, this is what is being taught nowadays. That we should be tolerant of others religious views, because what is right and true for one person might not be right and true for another person. However when a Christian comes to another and simply uses the name Jesus, then all of a sudden we are being intolerant of the others beliefs!? Hmmm... What about them, in saying we (Christians) are being intolerant to them, they themselves are being intolerant to us. Confirming Christ's statement of Christians being hated. But let me say this, by my tolerance of another person, I am affectively damning them to hell, I am tolerating them to the point of death. As a Christian this is unacceptable! We are to proclaim the truth of God, even if it means I hurt someones feelings. I would much rather have my feelings hurt, and come into the knowledge of the saving Savior then to burn in hell forever. God's word does not return void, this is our promise, what it is intended to do that it does. Thus, let us be "intolerant" to bring people to Christ.

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