Monday, May 19, 2008

Pray for the Sudan Trip

Hello all,
As I sit on the eve of this trip, there are many things that need prayer. The first, and, I feel, greatest is that God’s name will be glorified, in all that we do, and say. That His utter sovereignty would be known to all who are praying for us, and that He does, or allows, all according to His prefect plan.
The second, and more physical than any, is that of safety. That we will be able to do what is needed, and to do it without harm being caused to either them or us. As I sit on the eve of the trip, I have had time to think, and it has gotten me nervous, so pray for all of our nerves, that we would be at peace, and be clear in mind, to know the right decision to make.
Third, pray for the families that are represented in this trip, and for the ones that have not gone. That their nerves will also be calmed.
Lastly, for the people we will encounter. That they may be directed towards God (if it be His will), and know that He is God, and there is no other.
Please pray for us as we go on this trip, that God will be glorified, that, if it be His will, we will be safe, for the families that are represented, and for the people we will encounter. God is good all the time. He is great.
Your brother for the cause of Christ,
Sam Morris
Romans 7:24-25

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