Monday, June 9, 2008

Flight to Uganda East Africa

During the transatlantic flight from Detroit to Amsterdam, right after take-off, just after the plane had risen above the clouds, beauty unfolded before me. The sun was setting creating a vast array of colors, over what appeared to be rolling hills, and high mountains of bright yellow, and sinking oranges as they crested and began to descend into deep canyons of dark purples and rich blues, stretching out as far as my eye could see, canyon after canyon and mountain after mountain, each stretching toward the heavens or sinking into the depths of the known world. This awesome spectacle that God spread out before me, causing me to forget all the worries of what might happen during the coming trip, and to extol my glorious King. All of this while the screen in front of me says, “It’s all about you.”
Seeing this beautiful sight, and trying to reconcile in my mind, if it is all about me then, what is this. The sun is not setting and creating this gorgeous landscape for me. The clouds did not form into high mountains, and rolling hills, and deep canyons for me. It was, and is, an irreconcilable thought. None of this can be happening for me. Why would a sun that is millions of miles away be setting for a being that can’t even be seen from its place in the heavens. The clouds that, from their place only see the cities, and those from afar. The lie that it is all about us, that we deserve everything, is completely wrong. It is all about God, about His Son, about Christ and Him Crucified, there can be no higher meaning to the spectacle I saw (or to life), than the praise of the King of Kings, the Creator of the sun and of clouds. He created that image, that beautiful site for His own pleasure. So we on the plane might see it and be amazed by its beauty, and comprehend, for an instant, our smallness. While He sits in Heaven and says, “Can you hold the Pleiades in your hand? I can. Can you loose the belt of Orion? I can.” God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him. We can do nothing outside of His grace. “No one can restrain His hand, or say to Him, ‘What have you done?’”


Dwight Witherington said...

Amen and keep that perspective. NOTHING in this world is for us, because of us or what have you. God is seeking mankind to delight in and glorify God.........

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

That is delight in God not man. My bad.