Monday, May 30, 2011

Exceedingly Exquisite

Love for God cannot nor must not be an apathetic love, but rather an exceedingly exquisite love, one in which all other loves pale in comparison, and are indeed faint, languid and insipid.

It is thus apparent that as fallen creatures we are in dire need of help to love God in such a fantastic manner. For our love, without the quickening of our King, is a garish thing not deserving of the dirt of the earth or the muck of the rubbish pile.

But in the free mercy and grace of God we may attempt at this elegant love for he has indeed loved us first, in turn freeing us to love him. The magnificence with which he loves us, his people, is more intricate than the spider's web and more vast than the heavens, it is deeper than the roots of the mountains and more wondrous than the starry night.

It is an extravagant love.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks fir letting God speak through you, because these words spoke to my heart.