Thursday, April 25, 2013

Parents on a Trip Thoughts

Went to North Carolina with my parents this last weekend (by air), here's some of the thoughts/quotes:

1) lets go!

2) "Oooo Skymall!"

3) "You used to be able to smoke..."

4) "Did the dummies on that plane do better off if they had their head tucked between their legs?"

5) Mom has a full road map of Raleigh pulled out, we're in Chicago's airport.

6) This is the exact same plane we had leaving Wichita!

7) Walked on the wrong side of the moving sidewalk... Oops 

8) My family drinks a ton of coffee - which is awesome.

9) Wait on the LORD

10) Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminiary (or SEBTS for shorter?) is hopfully in my future - that is unless they don't like me.

11) Need to find a new home for the Kat, let me know if you're interested!

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