Friday, May 24, 2013

Going to Seminary

I've been hesitant to go to seminary for some time. I railed against the idea in my mind for years, calling it, "cemetery", "the death of pastors everywhere," and lovely names like that. Now that I'm in the same town as a seminary every person I see is potentially a classmate or a student at the college...

One thought is, "these people are studying the divine nature of God ever day." Another is, "how cocky are they?" Quickly followed by, "How cocky am I?" We who claim to know things about God because we've read books and studied about Him, we who try to tell other people about him (really I'm describing all living Christians) do we also know that we're standing on the edge of the vastness of God and what we "know" is less than the tip of the iceberg?

Honestly I'm scared of the halls I'll walk down and the rooms I'll learn in, I'm scared of thinking that God is completely knowable, because he's too big to know fully, thank God! 

But what we can know is beautiful! That he'd create a phenomenal world and know every particle intimately and hold them together. That he'd cause a people to be his people and be their God. That he'd choose men and women to believe to depth of the beauty and simplicity of the complexity of the gospel and breathe the breath of life into their dead bones making an army of believers to send over all the earth. 

Sure some of us folk in seminary are going to be cocky, stupid and probably should never have come here, I just pray that's not me (in fact I'd love it if you prayed that too for me.) 

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