Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Parts, Portions & Pieces

I've started another blog.

Let me lay out a few things here. This blog, Aspiring Spurgeon, is my blog about my thoughts on things. There are few posts on here that are formal in nature. The new blog will be, literally, parts, portions, and pieces of seminary writings.

On a personal note, I love having this blog – Aspiring Spurgeon – it’s been a great blog for personal notes, thoughts and whatevers. I hope to keep it that way. Thus the new blog.

So, at the top just under the picture there are 2 pages, “Posts,” and, “Parts, Portions & Pieces,” all you have to do to get to the new blog is click that title and bam you be there. (Same goes for the new blog, same thing ‘cept replace “Parts, Portions, & Pieces,” with, “Aspiring Spurgeon.”)

That’s what’s up dawg.

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