Monday, November 26, 2007

Wir sein Bettler

"At 3:00 A.M. on February 18, 1546 Martin Luther died. His last recorded words were, "Wir sein bettler. Hoc est verum." "We are beggars. This is true." God is free-utterly free-in His grace. And we are beggars-pray-ers. That is how we live, that is how we die, and that is how we study, so that God gets the glory and we get the grace" (Piper Legacy of Sovereign Joy).
This is true we are beggars on this world as mere shadows of The Creator, for nothing more than the glorification of God. "That God gets the glory and we get the grace." is our only purpose, His grace is sufficient for us, His strength is made perfect in our weakness. This is the promise we must cling to for nothing else will save us. That one day we will see our King in all His splendor that for all eternity we will give Him the praise he deserves. He is our Judge, King, Lord, Redeemer, and Friend, Father, and Lover. Our King is in complete control of every mans comings and goings, working everything out for the good of those who are called to believe in His name, and for the destruction of those who are to reject this Gospel. Letting the elect say, "We are beggars, this is true... So that God gets the glory, and we get the grace."

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j.s.w said...

I'm just glad you quoted that because its German. And I love German. and Germany.

and I mean, Luther is pretty alright too.