Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salt Covered Lemon

Pain is for the glory of God. Pain is given by God to sanctify his beloved children. Pain sucks. Yet as believers we’re told to expect it and when it comes count it all joy (James 1). Paul calls affliction “light and momentary” in comparison to the glory that will be revealed to us (2 Cor. 4:17). What is more astounding for the believer to see and understand is that pain is for their good (Romans 8:28).

What about when the trial really comes and bears all its hideous teeth down on you? What about when the sin you are being convicted of is rooted so deep that it means pulling up your very heartstrings in order to kill it?

In that time doctrine is no help, it is a salt covered lemon squeezed onto a gaping wound. Doctrine is what I should believe, but it is cold and hard. Theology is what the Christian’s tear stained face longs to be buried in rather than the cold hard steel of doctrine.

For in Theology there is God. In Theology there is the beloved’s Father. In Theology there is the embrace so desperately needed and the calm voice to comfort the gasping crier. God is Comforter.

For pain is for the glory of God, and ought to press us farther into his arms because he is the only One that can truly comfort the mourner, the broken or the depressed.

Therefore it is a joy to be in pain and be pushed into God. It is light and momentary for more of his glory is seen. It is for the believer’s good for he is wooing the broken to himself with himself.

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