Friday, February 24, 2012

Week Long Thoughts

1) Kat (the cat) was fixed on Wednesday 'cause she was broken. And is sporting a trendy shaved tummy, leg, and neck.

2) I regularly have two cups (at least) of coffee in the morning.

3) We say we believe x but we act according to y; when will our practical theology match our spoken belief?

4) I had lunch with my 6th grade math teacher, I sucked at math then too. Consistency.

5) My Grandma and I have a unique relationship.

6) The Protestants need another reformation. One away from themselves.

7) Preaching this weekend over John 4:1-42 (yes, 42 verses, buckle up).

8) Ever had a day when you have it planned out and want to do a certain thing(s) but are never able to get to it? Yea, that's been my week.

9) Wichita State University has homecoming this week... One of these days I'll legitamately be out of high school. I promise.

10) India!

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