Friday, February 17, 2012

Pre-Weekend Thoughts

1) I don’t get a weekend, duh.

2) 5th year reunion for high school tonight… only my high school would have a 5-year reunion.

3) If I eat at Il Vicino enough does that mean I can start getting free samples (and by 'samples' I mean 'dinner')?

4) College Algebra, I. Will. Win.

5) Kat (who was Luther, but is now a girl and soon to be an it), decides when I get up in the morning.

6) I am the proud owner of a real, tie-it-yourself, bow tie.

7) I’m going to India!

8) Mega church’s super pastor more often than not is not your pastor. Listen to what your pastor preaches, he knows your heart better than the guy in wherever.

9) Skittles, coffee, and books these are a few of my faviourite things (and yes, that word needs a ‘u’ in it.)

10) I try, at every turn, to make the Elliott School of Communication like Hogwarts. So far I have Professor Dumbledore and Ron Weasley. (Gimili from LOTR is in the Geology department.)

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