Wednesday, June 6, 2012

That Memory

This’ll be a little sappy.

Do you have memory, which you re-live often? The one that’s like a slide show in your brain, which comes around when you’re happy and when you’re sad. That one where you don’t even know if anyone else remembers (there's probably a ton of them, but there that one in particular, you know?).

Mine is coming back from church camp when I was an eighth grader. We had gone to the beach (for church camp, it was awesome!) it was a 18-ish hour bus ride home. This girl and I (church camp crush) had been flirty for a solid 12 hours.

Anywho she lent me her blanket so I could sleep. When I woke up she had fallen asleep in the back of the bus and looked cold, and here’s the memory: I wanted to give her blanket back, so the choice was this: either, somehow crawl to the back and be classy about it… or throw it at her.

So with all the matured wisdom of my eighth grade mind and all the romantic class I possessed within my body – I threw the blanket into her chair, and smiled at her. Because I was too nervous to give a pretty girl her blanket back nicely, even though I wanted to tell her I liked her so desperately.

My point in telling this semi-embarrassing story (she & I are still friends & she might remember this too) is to give a very real (& personal) illustration of learning. I mean, I could tell you to seize moments and do the whole carpe diem thing, but learning seems better.

Learners are what we are and will be. So learn. Learn from the sappy memory like mine above and from the massive moments encountered. Learn from the drunken old guy who hands you a tract in a bar. Learn in all things to give glory to God.

And then you can tell sappy stories to make a point. 

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