Friday, June 1, 2012

Riverfest Beginning Thoughts

1) Redneckfest.

2) is up and running again. Praise Jesus.

3) The weather always sucks for Riverfest. It's a sign.

4) Almost finished with the first Harry Potter. So many things tie together so beautifully.

5) There's a zip-line that goes across the Arkansas River. It costs $5... this is why Riverfest doesn't do well. Over priced underwhelms.

6) This weather is European. Hellooo June.

7) Girl Named Tennessee.

8) The Sedwick Country Zoo always surprises me with how nice it is.

9) Fireworks!

10) Deep-fat-fried-everything... on a stick.


Esther Ruth Hoffman said...

A friend of mine who's never been to the riverfest thought buttons were $20... Let's hope that never happens.

Esther Ruth Hoffman said...
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