Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday's Thoughts

1) Mumford & Sons "Holland Road" don't overspiritualize it, just listen to it:

2) It's going to be 85 degrees today in Wichita. It's Novemeber 2. Dumb. (Read that as a tiny rant.)

3) The Senior editor for The Wichita Eagle taught my class last night. We got out early.

4) Some of the kids who trick-or-treated at my house had costums that scared me.

5) Kat tried to climb the curtains to catch a moth just after she jumped on someone's stitches. She spent the rest of the evening in the bathroom - you know, in timeout.

6) Hey, creepy old fat guys talking about going to Twin Peaks - you're gross.

7) Taylor Swift's new CD was okay. Wasn't as enchanting as the last one (see what I did there?)

8) Cleaver and clever are dangerously similar in spelling... It's possible I didn't send a text because I couldn't figure out which was what.

9) Boil it all down and away and every Christian ever knows only two things - whether mature or immature, smart or stupid, strong or weak - we all know we are sinners and that Jesus is Savior. That's enough.

10) Name your blessing - count them one-by-one. Stupid cliche, but Oh so necessary.

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Donna Robb said...

Enjoyed the song. Never heard the band before. I admit I listened more to the music than the lyrics. I just loved the voice of the lead singer and the music. Normally I am a lyrics first person. My husband was the music first who never heard the lyrics in the relationship. I will listen again sometime and listen to the words. Thanks for turning me on to new music. Reminds me of the Band Perry's and Need to Breathe.