Friday, November 23, 2012


1) "Terrible Tuesday" was given new meaning this week.

2) I'm naturally scared of confrontation. I talk a big game.

3) My grandma has called me every morning to just check on me. I love her.

4) My boss/friend & I can yell at & cry with each other.

5) I plan on running after this'n.

6) Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for the Morris clan

7) That moment when you're praying and you know God is replying to you. Yea, that's true comfort. It's like Scripture in a conversational manner.

8) Started painting my first painting this week. Dark colors.

9) I'm a cynical-mind-speaking mess. If I offend you... Well then... Oops?

10) In the end, no matter what happens I must must must say, my God is in control... Because it's all I've got.

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