Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Thoughts

1. Watched 2 big dead trees fall in a thunderstorm yesterday... I jumped and clapped.

2. Brought home water guns, the wife and I ran around our apartment complex shooting each other and scaring ducks.

3. Had a job interview. Of all the jobs I've ever had that was the first interview I've ever had. Kinda tripy.

4. All the post about hell are up, give me a read or wait for all of them to be posted in one (coming soon).

5. Went to Virginia for the first time and saw a sign that said "Washington DC" that was a first too.

6. Trying to raise money for a hospital in India, if you know anyone who can help comment away!

7. Fully & finally accepted to seminary!

8. There are tons of trees here.

9. We have this sweet Moroccan set up for our dinning area.

10. Had friends over the other night! Yay friends! 

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