Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A State of Prayer

It's been almost two months since I moved from Wichita to Raleigh and in that time I've noticed I do one thing (at least) quite terribly - prayer. 

Sure it's one thing to write out your prayer or speak it out to God, that's easy, to fill time with words and void with thought, but it's another thing entirely to listen to God speak, to shut yourself up, to let the pen stop scratching the page and listen. It's a treat really, to listen to the God who made all, sustains all, and holds all things together, but it's also a discipline (admittedly one I'm not very good at). What's more is the way God provides and heals and helps: food, money and shelter have been given to us but the task of listening to this Giver is still terribly difficult. 

So here's to shutting up. Here's to saying nothing at all and spending silent time with the Creator of the universe, the Sustainer of your soul. Here's to having Scripture be your prayer and your answer. Here's to the God who hears and answers and speaks with His children tenderly about his love for them in Jesus. 

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