Friday, June 7, 2013

What The Hell Am I Saved From? What I Believe About Hell and Why (Pt 3)

Now let’s get the brunt of what these posts are about. We’ve seen that the wrath of God no matter where one stands on the spectrum of hell, that God’s wrath is indeed terrible and should cause us to fear Him. We’ve also seen that God’s wrath isn’t mixed with imperfections like our, that it is a perfect wrath.

So how does this wrath play out in hell? It’s real, hell. We need to know that above all else hell is a real place and real people go there (remember, keep that at the forefront of your mind).

Edwards makes a good case in the last post that if a little of God’s wrath is intolerable what must it be to experience God’s wrath to the uttermost? But what is the term on God’s wrath, is there a limit, does it end?

No, God’s wrath against sin does not end. Biblically God’s wrath against sin does not end (This should be enough). Logically God’s wrath against sin does not end. Temporally God’s wrath against sin does not end. In terms of glory God’s wrath against sin does not end. In terms of perfection God’s wrath does not end.

I want to present this in two ways, first in terms of a rebuttal to the four main arguments for annihilationism (a necessarily negative light) and second in terms of why one must believe that hell is unending (a necessarily positive light).

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Chris Date said...

I hope you'll wait to post the next parts until we've talked over email, so that you really know what it is you're responding to.