Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He is Here

Tonight the stars speak; they speak of a goodness beyond comprehension;
      Of a beauty far more vast than the heavens;
      Of a love that is indeed extravagant.
This is no legend nor myth;
      It is no farce nor satire
      No fairy tale nor spell.
There is a King who has come and done what is necessary
      Finished what must be done;
      Damned what must be damned;
     Satisfied what must be quenched.
Tonight the stars speak, they say, “He is here”
     “He is Lord”
     “He is Jesus.”
They cannot go on;
     Continue on;
     Finish up;
     Strive on.
If they have not heard of;
     Believed in;
     Rejoiced over;
This Jesus man and God;
    Perfect and human;
    Once dead but alive;
Seated and voicing his decree for the loved;
   The redeemed;
   The saved.
   That they are as he is;
Offspring of the Father;
   Righteousness of his righteousness;
   Blood of his blood;
   Flesh of his flesh.


Anonymous said...

I think your poem is great, like an outpouring of truth to those who need to hear it. You should develope your gift. God Bless, Mike.

Sam Morris said...

Thanks, Mike! I hope to write more too.