Monday, April 9, 2012

The Foggy End

I walked out my back door this morning to take out the trash. The alley behind my house, which leads to the park, and the whole of my neighborhood, lay hidden in fog.

Looking down a road and not seeing the end really hit me in a funny way this time.

Sure the weekend was Easter weekend, sure Good Friday was sobering, sure things didn’t go how I hoped they would, and sure I wish they would’ve.

But still looking down an alley and fog obscuring the view made me think, “Huh, nice picture of life,” but more so, nice picture of the Christian’s life.

We know where we’re going, that way; we know it’s not going to be easy; but we know it’s well worth it.

In the end will we look back over our lives and be able to see the beginning? Or will it just be covered in fog too? I bet it is, cause when two weeks feels like forever there’s no way to, “look back over life,” cause I’d cheapen it by having forgotten most of it.

Looking to the end, that Reward all covered in fog. That’s an adventure worth living.

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