Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weeklong Thoughts

1) What am I doing?

2) Any sentence that begins with, “if only…” is a stupid sentence. Or at least too whimsical to spend more time thinking about.

3) I had 10 people in my basement for a tornado last week. It was the best song singing time I’ve been apart of in a while.

4) Birthday dinner!

5) I like nice shoes. My reasoning is that they’ll last me until I’m dead, and then my kids can wear them. Really I just have a thing for shoes.

6) Finals are coming up… crap.

7) Drove to Salina and back - for nothing - but it was relaxing and good sunflower seed time.

8) To become a GTA or not. That’s a questions. Not THE questions, just one.

9) I walked out my front porch and some friends had taken the liberty to decorate my front yard. There was a package of bacon in the decorations. My friends love me.

10) Quiet times are few and far between. (By quiet time is I don’t mean the Sunday School version, I mean just chill times.)

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