Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pigeon Pair

Every now and again a pigeon pair will sit outside the window by my chair (rhymed!). They’ll sit there cooing softly to one another, preening each other, or just being around each other.

I like those pigeons.

It’d be cool if I had something to tie that little tid-bit to, but I don’t. It’s just a very small happening – very rare one – for the pigeons to be there.

We’re an analytical bunch aren’t we?

Tying webs from that to this and there to here. Making the world smaller while building it infinitely larger. Sure webs are beautiful and they help us understand more fully the nuances of science, history, psychology, etc…

But do we always need to add to the web?

Maybe cause finals are just in the upswing and I know my mind will be a wasteland in a couple weeks, but is there no reason to see to pigeons sitting in a window and simply think, “Ahhh, that’s cute.” And leave it there?

(Sure it’ll affect some sort of worship, hopefully, but that should be pre-tied into all things.)

(The picture is of art done by Hannah Scott.)

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