Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sunday School Answers

            Remember those answers that you’d give in Sunday school? The really simple ones, the ones, which we sometimes think, are shortchanging the question.

            Last night a group of folks and I worked backwards to this answer: Jesus is Lord.

            That was it. It was the climax of the discussion: three simple words we learned in kindergarten.

            There’s nothing fancy about that, but it’s revolutionary.

            Revolutionary because a child can understand this and then spend his whole life trying to learn it.

            Revolutionary because this simple answer will impact life in a profound way.

            Revolutionary because we discount it as a kid’s answer, when it is the answer.

            The legalist won’t like it cause it’s not rigorous enough. The super spiritual won’t like it cause it’s not detailed enough. But a sinner should love it.

(Read this for a laugh)

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