Monday, May 7, 2012

A Mission

What’s it like to not see? To be blind.

Most of us, physically speaking, have no concept or barring on what it’d be like to be blind. We open our eyes in the morning and go about our day, with no realization of what it could be like to not see the sun, the clouds, or the birds who chirp in the trees.

Spiritual, however, we all know what it’s like to not see.

We all once, there was a time, we can remember it now, vivid for some, distant for others, but the memory is there and for some it is bitter; we all know what it’s like to not know Jesus as Savior.

To be blind to the beautifully impactful truth that Christ is King and the old us is not the current us or will it be the new us. That, my friends, is a heartbreak thing.

Yet, some of us now know what it is to see.

To wake up and see the vibrant reality of Jesus being, for now and always, the Lord of our lives, the Conqueror of our graves, and the Redeemer desperately needed.

To know there is a reigning victorious King, and to know him like a brother.

Both of these, though vastly different are stark realities.

There are the blind and there is the seeing in every day of life. We converse with them; we shake their hands.

Yet to both, the Gospel, the necessary truth of Jesus being Lord is the communiqué what is most beautiful.

And this, I believe, is the great dilemma of the Christian life: how do we talk about Jesus as what is most desperately needed by all people, both blind and seeing?

It’s a question which every believer must wrestle with, how do I do this, this thing called mission?

Because we can't, as I saw some recently do, leave a tract as our tip and call that 'mission.' That's not mission, it's mean. But we also can't over spiritualize everything because then your still just a jerk...

There's a balance, like there is in most things.

Too much is terrible, not enough is damning (just as much as too much); the middle, the middle however is where we, I would say, legitimately care for people (all of them) and after getting to know them for who they are, then we talk about Jesus. 

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