Monday, May 21, 2012


Remember, “Jesus love me, this I know?”

The exquisitely simple song; it’s been sung by kids since 1861 (read a little more here). Life is busy tossing and turning and coming back around to do it all again. One moment in Nashville the other in Wichita; one thought for the distant future and six thoughts for the present.

You know, the whole, “One step forward and 2 steps back,” mantra.

Getting caught fully in the wash of what’s going on and forgetting what a dear friend once told me, “Your biggest problem is taken care of.”

So, here’s to relaxing while being busy -- remember Jesus loves us this we know. To trusting while feeling devastated – remember Jesus loves you this I know. To having no idea what you’re doing – remember Jesus loves me this I know.

It’s not new, it’s 2000 plus years old.

It’s not safe, but it’s magnificent.

It’s not bought, it’s paid for.

Remember Jesus loves me this I know.

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