Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Five

One of them was abandoned. Two of them are heart broken. One is in a messy place. One has fallen off the face of the world.

Yet abandonment can prove to show necessary change. Broken hearts can be mended. Messes can be organized. And the gone can be brought back.

Eventually we have to own up to the simplest of facts, we’re all carrying around our chipped shoulders or broken facades, our tattered souls. We can’t go on and on with a porcelain doll’s face replacing our own. Eventually the cracks will begin to grow and the fake’ll give way to the real. The tired. The worn.

We’re not made to live falsely, you know, contrary to which we’ve been made to be. It’s unsustainable, though it may be fun for a bit, it cannot last.

Sooner or later the end will come and the free air breathed in, because the mask is shattered. Sooner or later we’ll discovery that being who we’re made to be is much better than being who we’re wanted to be.

So to the abandoned; are you ever really alone? To the heart broken: is there not one to mend the brokenness? To the messy: isn’t what matters most already taken care of? To the one who’s disappeared: for how long can you be gone and not be you?

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