Monday, May 14, 2012

Vacation Time

... O wait I'm not going to Meads, I'm going to Nashville. Stop. Turn around.

Deep V's are for comfort - and scaring people in Arkansas.

O that deer/hawk/turtle/raccoon/opossum/armadillo is real dead.

Once again, left Kansas & no one understands sarcasm... Great.

Stupid change-only tolls.

65mph feels like crawling.

Every black trash bag by the side of the road I instantly think contains a body.

The only time you can eat junk food for lunch and still feel okay about yourself afterward is on a road trip.

What's a Muskogee?

If I ignore the speed limit signs, like purposefully look away, is it the same as not seeing it?

I'll assume Toad Suck Park is aptly named - cause it's more fun that way.

Drivers in Arkansas should really learn the 'slower drivers stay to the right' rule.

Memphis has a giant pyramid. Can Wichita get one too?

Tennessee driving rule #1: don't use your speedometer or cruse control and ignore the speed limit signs.

One word: Gorgeous

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