Friday, August 24, 2012

Week Thoughts

1) It's raining outside. CrAzy!

2) Going to Omaha for a conference. Omaha...

3) Henry Scougal has played a signficant role in my spiritual development.

4) Charleston, South Carolina

5) Started grad-school. Everytime I tell another student I'm taking 12hrs they look at me like I have pleague. In other words the same way college students treat you when they find out you're a pastor.

6) There's a lot of grace to be drowning in and this is good.

7) 145 pages - on average - of reading per week for one class. If it was 146 I'd protest.

8) The church phone has been ringing like crazy this week. Most were nice. Some were stupidly angry. One was just straight odd, while one was really neat.

9) "Who are you o man to answer back to God." Rom 9

10) "But he who is utterly destitute of his inward principle and [does] not aspire unto it, but contents himself with those performances whereunto he is prompted by education or custom, by the fear of hell, or carnal notions of heaven, can no more be accounted a religious person, than a puppet can be called a man... Whereas the spirit of true religion is frank and liberal, far from such peevish and narrow reckoning; and he who [has] given himself entirely unto God, will never think he [does] too much for him." ~ Scougal

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