Sunday, January 6, 2013

Getting it

Every now and again I get just a touch giddy. A year ago I started planning this trip to India, dreaming about it, thinking about it, praying about it - and now it's here, we're here. But that's not what makes me giddy.

The people I'm here with, this team of 15 other folks is what is making me happy. It's making me happy cause they're getting it. The things I wanted them to see, to feel, to know all of it they're beginning to understand and be moved by. "Humbled" is how they keep describing it. But still more they all echoed my assertion of feeling very much alive - like this is what we were made to do.

Last night 75 kids sang out with all the gusto they had in them and all the strength in their diaphragms, "I'll never know how much it costs to see my sins upon that cross," and 20 Americans had tears of joy filling their eyes.

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