Friday, January 18, 2013

Prayers & Money.

You all know I don't normally ask for money. Nor do I ever use my blog to try and raise funds. But this is important to me and thus here is the letter I am sending out to raise support for my return trip to India this March. Please give it a readin' and a thinkin' and a prayer:

Recently I returned from Visakhapatnam, India having had the privilege of leading a 16-person team to Love-N-Care Ministries to do building work, playing with kids from the children’s home, teaching, tutoring and praying with and for the ministry of Love-N-Care as well as many other things. This time was sweet and produced much fruit both in terms of the lives of the people who went on the trip and those encountered during the trip. To say, “I’m thankful for my time and Love-N-Care,” would understate all that feel and know about them. 
Therefore it is with certain pride and longing expectation that I ask for your help to return to Love-N-Care in March to help Love-N-Care lead a team from Singapore in a similar style of trip. My role would be to help facilitate this team during their time with Love-N-Care, helping them both understand the gravity of what they are doing as well as make sure jobs that we began in January are finished in March. 
I know the clock is ticking away on my time to find and buy a reasonably priced ticket, which is why I expect to see the full amount of my ticket gathered by the 2nd of February. God will do this, I am sure, He will provide if he desires for me to go back in March, therefore I unwaveringly look to him to provide for this trip knowing that he will speak to the hearts of his people and cause them to, if it be his will, send me back. 
The total cost of the trip is approximately $1700.00. This would include the round-trip international flights and the domestic India flights. Once I arrive in India all my food and accommodations will be taken care of by Love-N-Care Ministries. 
Of you, my brothers and sisters in the gospel of peace purchased by Jesus, I ask two things, first, to pray for this trip – that God is magnified in my life and the lives of those I encounter. Second, to help me raise the necessary funds for this trip. 
Therefore please commit to pray with me for this trip and if so called please send a check to Sam Morris for whatever amount you feel called to give. In the memo line please write, “March India Trip.” Since this is a check made out to me personally I give my word as a Christian man that I will use these funds only to return to India and for nothing more. The checks may be mailed to me at 1017 W Franklin Wichita, Ks 67203. 
Again, I ask for your prayers, for ours to be enjoined together and come before our mutual God and Father as a sweet fragrance to him, that others would go into the ripe and ready field and help harvest the souls in India to the glory of God and the good of his people.

Thanks for your consideration. Looking forward to posting some neat things here in the near future! Trusting you're all well.

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