Tuesday, January 15, 2013

India Trip Thoughts

1. First time back to the same place.

2. The first class curtain is shut - Brain Regan is playing in my head.

3. I hope we don't get frozen fish heads for dinner on our flight. (Jk, they were all vegan... Just as bad)

4. Soulful black lady who dished out whit. I sent it back. She said she better be the one serving my food. I called TSA. That escalated quickly.

5. Screaming child behind me.

6. Kenny G Christmas playing in the Mumbai airport.

7. When your ears don't pop, it hurts pretty bad. And sounds funny.

8. We left Wichita at 10:46am Monday. It's now 5:15pm Tuesday (or 5:45am Wednesday Vizag time) and we're not there yet.

9. Having done this once before a lot of the novelty has worn off.

10. I've not had coffee for over 36 hours.

11. Sound canceling headphones.

12. Sang for some kids. They loved it.

13. Helped teach an art class.

14. Let some kids draw my tattoos.

15. That awkward moment you get left in a bus in the middle of an Indian village.

16. What to do with a recommendation like that?

17. Great car rides in India

18. Slept in a cold room, made blankets out of clothes - slept like a champ.

19. I never expected to find that here.

20. Cried in front of 100 people, India may have taken my heart & my future.

21. Home is where the heart is, I don't think my heart is in Kansas.

22. I am a whore I do confess I put you on just like a wedding dress and run down the isle.

23. No one will be able to be the same after this, I pray.

24. Now we can go back to football and pretenses and fake snobbery - o goody.

25. Need to go to Philly... You know for a cheesesteak

26. Hurry up and wait.

27. There's always room for one more.

28. Watching Muslims prepare to fly to Mecca. Works can't save.

29. Looper, End of Watch, & The Odd Life of Timothy Green; Isaiah 54-57; writing, music, & a picture kept me company on a 16 hour flight.

30. Trying to get every freebie possible. Have someone I need to visit, Lord willing.

31. Economy class AKA cattle car.

32. I need to raise $1700.00 so I can go back to India this March. Seriously though, I'm asking for money.

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