Monday, July 25, 2011

Made to Last

I like old things. If you’ve ever been to my house you’ll understand immediately what I mean. Trunks, radio, books, tables, all these things have seen time and, “lived to tell about it.” A few items take places of prominence, a hundred year old copy of Edgar Allen Poe’s Poems, two family Bibles that came from the motherland (Scotland) and a radio from the 1920’s (which still works).

Trinkets I could live without very easily, but things holding special places in my heart. Poe has always been my favorite poet because of his raw use of words and his vast understanding of depression. The family Bibles teach my more than just where I came from, they teach me who I am. The radio, though for most is an interesting talking point, still works ninety years later – it was made to last.

Faith. Belief. Biblical terms thrown around like paper airplanes in a fourth grade classroom. Often I worry/wonder at why I use the words I use. For I wholeheartedly agree with Dumbledore but will adapt him for reality: Words are the only real magic we know.

If we understood faith like Poe understood depression; if we gleaned information from belief through the love of Scripture; if we looked at faith and belief as made to last longer than the radio how would things be different?

Rather than seeing faith as a cheap trophy for your shelf to see it as a treasure to be protected, loved, polished and grown. Things just might change. Rather than seeing belief as all about what you do to see it as made for eternity by the Eternality. This just may push you over the edge of fiction into reality.


Julia Faye said...

Old things are better because they have a story to tell.

Sam Morris said...

It's really fun when they tell you the story.