Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Want to be Remembered

We want to be remembered. Not to be forgotten in the passing of time. Striving in every corner of our lives to do great things, say great things or write great things. To have our names etched on the stone of eternity so future generations can look back and say, “Look at what they did.”

Especially with my generation, we feel we must do big things (if you want an example ask). Feeling as though dying in obscurity is the greatest of sins.

But what if living a quite life and dying a normal death and being remembered, as ‘Granpa’ for a generation or two then forgotten isn’t bad thing? How would you live your life differently?

Rather than looking to the impact we want to make for future generations we live life and put our hands to the plow now. Rather than (ahem) wishin’, and hopin’, and prayin’ that we’ll not be forgotten, doing what’s in front of us now.

Often as Christians we rail against the American Dream, and I agree, if all your dreaming about is stuff, then your wrong. But to attain the “American Dream” and then rail against it is sin. To park outside of our garages (because it’s full of all our other stuff) while in our minds breathing murderous threats against the American Dream – seems a little two-faced, right?

However to live behind your white picket fence and use all of your assets to the glory of God – that, that is more beautiful than selling everything because some man with a 2100 sq. ft. house told you to. In every respect seeing what you have as fodder for worship is itself radical.

Granted some are called to sell and go and die; just as much as some are called to stay and support and die.

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