Friday, March 23, 2012

India Thoughts (The rest of 'em)

1) Thank God for fans

2) Simple.

3) There's something about knowing no one which is beautiful.

4) Keep your eyes open.

5) The Bible is perfect curriculum.

6) We just get them the tools, they'll do the rest.

7) Leaving India was just as hard as leaving Egypt, 'cept I was Egypt for a ton more than 4 days.

8) Rule #2: if your phone rings during take-off it's really obvious someone wasn't paying attention.

9) No, we don't want to listen to your techno music. Yes, get some headphones this is a plane.

10) "If you never leave home, never let go, You'll never make it to the great unknown. Tell me you're strong tell me you see, I need to hear it can you prosmise me to keep your eyes open."

11) Everything I needed I carried on my back. Take that consumerism... But having a house is sure lovely.
12) I've been to where Americans would say East meets West.

13) You know you're almost back to America when an older African American lady is your flight attendant. And is awesome.

14) Lol, Dusseldorf

15) Washing & conditioning my hair is going to be glorious.

16) I just feel dirty.

17) My home for four days of this trip was a few a chair in the sky.
18) According to CST I've been gone 6 days. Technically I've been gone almost 8. Figure that out.

19) I wanna q-tip.

20) 'Merica

21) Played a fun game of "Is-that-a-guy-or-a-girl" in the US customs line.

22) I want & need bacon.

23) Aww they have a nice ole lady working at the front of the customs line!

24) Auntie Ann's first meal at home.

I got to sit in the Business class for one flight... here are the thoughts from that:


1) I'll never be able to go back. You know, there, again.

2) I'm in business class. Where's my scotch, fiddle player, gourmet meal, & million dollars?

3) My chair has lumbar support.
4) If I stretch my legs out completely I can't touch the seat in front of me.

5) It should be considered inhuman treatment of humans to have an 'economy class.' I mean they're packed in there like cattle.

6) I'm ruined.

7) 2 rows in business class is like 400 rows of economy. So. Much. Space.

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