Thursday, March 22, 2012

India Trip Thoughts Pt. 1

1) It shouldn't be too terribly difficult to find your seat on a plane. They don't move & they're both alphabetical & numerical.

2) "you'd be able to board a train." ~Dumbledore
"and where would it take me?" ~Harry
"On." ~Dumbledore

3) 2 nights on planes. Woah

4) I lost Friday somewhere.

5) Need The Anchor.

6) We barely made our domestic India flight. Barely.

7) Taylor Swift is comfort music. X4

8) There are two white guys in this plane, and they're us.

9) I miss my Kat. A mucho

10) Remember that one time we went to India?

11) The Indian couple in front of me is snuggling. Awww... But their chairs are all up in my knee space.

12) Alexandre Dumas' The Black Tulip is quite wonderful... Because Dumas wrote it.

13) Take 1 Uganda, mix with 1 Egypt, product: India.

14) When it comes to butt padding for long sitting times... I have none

15) That awkward moment when you realize, after you're praying, you're offending the person you're praying for, cause you have your left hand on their shoulder.

16) Pizza Hut had nickelback playing. Ew.

17) I've been up for 3 days. I'm. Sleepy.

18) Bed. Finally. End day #1. 2 days after it began.

19) My caffeine headache comes at 4am.

20) India stretchable time

21) When an Indian "share" they really mean "preach."

21) 5 min nap = lovely, but too short

22) I've been here for 36hrs, & half my trip is over. Maybe it's cause I spent the first 36 traveling, maybe.

23) My watch is right, my phone's time is right, my computer is somewhere in Europe according to it's clock.

24) The mustache is the thing to have in India.

25) This place has no wind.

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