Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Thoughts

1) I bought two new albums this week because I heard the songs on commercials. (OneRepublic’s, “Wake Up,” and Fun., “Some Nights.”)

2) Some people just throw you. Like huh?

3) If you don’t speak sarcasm you don’t speak my language -- or my generation’s language.

4) They’re not calling it the iPad3 but errybody knows that’s what we’re gonna call it.

5) Esther 4:16; the story of Job; Daniel 3:16-18 are who we’re told we should be, but the guy from John 4:46-54 is who we are. Our belief hinges on what we want…

6) Someday soon I’ll meet Taylor Swift, and yes, it’ll be enchanting.

7) The Scarlet Letter took a turn for the boring, now it has taken a turn for the heart rending.

8) Joseph Kony has been around for more than 20 years, and has been a bastard for all of them… Dear Facebook status’, thanks for finally deeming him, “bad enough,” to do something about. Someday see these kid’s faces in real life and then you’ll know why I’ve not watched the video or won’t talk more publically than this about it. #rantover

9) I want fireflies to catch. Who’s joining?

10) Coffee. Is. From. God.

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