Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I saw The Hunger Games movie on Sunday. I enjoyed it.

The books are better (duh).

It’s a 1984, Brave New World, V for Vendetta kinda deal.

O and the soundtrack is great.

It’s also got me thinking about being safe and comfortable. Maybe it’s the compilation of being back from a far away place, or just the themes of the movie/books/music. Either way we are search for safety.

This makes sense really. We organize our house and friends so that we are the most comfortable (we even try to make other cultures different so we can feel safe). Risks aren’t the American’s deal.

I’m not against feeling safe. I’m not against being comfortable (cause I’m comfortable as I write).

I’m against apathy. (Some things really are worthy dying for, imagine that.)

One of my professors said a while ago while introducing an assignment, “Pick any topic you care about, anything. Cause no one just doesn’t care.” But he said it with a hint of irony. Which got me going.

Do we care about anything? My age group, my people, do we care about anything? What would we speak out against (and by that I mean with more than a facebook post)? Would we call something truly foolish, “foolish,” or would we sit down and shut up cause disagreement is difficult?

Apathetic, also has pathetic in it. Just saying.

Don’t read this as saying, “You must have an opinion about everything.” But maybe, just maybe, we should each have something we care about, something, which presses us to disagree and agree, to discuss and to grow.

Maybe we should have something that we care more about than cheap beer and ignorance. Maybe our lives would be better served by not being our lives at all, but by being for something bigger and better than just our one self.

You all know what I think is worth living for and dying for. Jesus.

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