Saturday, March 2, 2013

Returning and All

As trimmed my beard today in preparation for two weeks back in India and a wedding I was singing for I listened to Spotify and Aaron Shust's song, "My Savior God" came on. And while I climbed into the shower to the refrain played again and again, "My Savior loves, my Savior lives, My God he was, my God he is, my God is always going to be."

Then the image of Abraham ran through my mind, the same God, exactly the same God, who he worshiped and trusted and followed with all the hope of his life is precisely the same God who loves me who I follow and who we all, as saved sinners, follow and are loved by. The same God that Jacob followed is the same God we follow. The same God that David followed is the same God we follow.

Are you catching my drift? Are you seeing the commonalities? Are you understanding that this God who always was, who had no beginning and will have no end is the God who created the world, who lead our forefathers, who made a way through impossibility to redeem a people to himself for himself?

It's astounding to think of the reality of those stories we've been told from the Bible. The ones about men like Gideon who told God to make the fleece wet then dry and tested God at every turn. The ones about a kid killing a warrior with a stone. The ones about a massive flood, and about a people being set free. The one about God coming to earth as man and redeeming his people.

The world knows truth when it sees it, then it tries to recreate it in other forms, semi-true forms but lacking the necessary God. Sure gods in other religions did nifty things, but those gods all died and never returned - but here is the true story, the true reality, that Jesus Christ saves sinners by his death and resurrection. Believe it. Believe it with all your heart and all your strength, a heart and a strength given to you by God.

(P.S. pray for my trip, please and thank you!)

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