Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Rest of the India Thoughts

12) sat in a class in an Indian university. This is no WSU

13) missing the fiancé. Like a lot.

14) this lady said, "from time in memorium," like 5 times. Cool.

15) fall comes after winter in southeast Asian countries. Fun fact

16) an Asian man just bathed me in Off repellant.

17) sombundombu - good bond

18) this kid stole the Internet for three days. Indian justice. I know where the fire ants live

19) you know the white guy sitting on the fence telling people what to do? Yea that's me this trip.

20) Chinese people singing songs from Mulan, ironic

21) leaving is gonna be dang hard.

22) learning, learning, learning

23) Aquafina water makes their mouth dry?!?

24) this fella bought underwear in India. He came to India and bought underwear?

25) went to an Indian prison.

26) Indian girl with a Chinese accent?!?

27) I'm practically an international shipping mule.

28) I hate leaving this place.

29) "I'm gonna miss you." - P. Yesupadam 

30) the next time I see them I'll be getting married to my love.

31) time to be a man.

32) the premier access folks get two lines for the check in counter. Hey united wouldn't it be more exclusive (not to mention smarter) if there was one premier line and 2 economy (cattle car) lines? Or do the lowly masses get to fight for scraps still? (Plus all the folk in that line are white - i feel judged.)

33) is it okay that short guys flying first class makes me mad?

34) I've gone through 6 different x-ray machines. 

35) just swallowed a mosquito, in the Mumbai airport, inside.

36) somehow got upgraded to economy plus for my long flight. God gives yo!

37) this family travels with a bread bag of PB&J sandwiches - their kids will be the next Einsteins.

38) one of the most exciting thins about returning from India is using a Q-tip. Kinda gross but whatever.

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