Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July thoughts

1) Let freedom ring

2) Meat, beer, gunpowder... 'Merica.

3) Wichita is a war-zone on the Fourth. Like if there was murder anywhere, anywhere, no one would know until 3 days later. Shoot, a whole house could explode and neighbors wouldn't be the wiser.

4) I heard a loud bang while driving. Normally I'd think my car was going to crap. Yesterday I just looked up.

5) I like that tons of places are closed on the Fourth.

6) 2 words: mortar shells

7) What would happen if that fell over and shot in my direction?

8) Taught the nephew how to throw lil popers at people's feet... Judge not.

9) The day after the Fourth of July is offically (at least in my brain) fun sock day.

10) In completely unrelated news: I still want to see Brave.

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