Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Walks are thinking time (I'm pretty sure I've said that before).

A few nights ago I went walking through Riverside just because. Nothing was bugging me or needed to be thought through, it was just a walk for the sake of walking.

I found a neat little spot, one that looks over the golf course.

The sun was just going down and from my west-facing seat I watched the clouds play in the light of the setting sun, listened to the noises (summer bugs make super odd noises), and took a deep breath – then was sprayed by the sprinkler.

We can be too busy. 

Miss the small nuances of life, the veins of a leaf; forget to look at the sun setting by watching the sun but not seeing it. We don’t keep our eyes open.

In fact this has been a semester long theme for me. When I was India I kept repeating to myself, “Keep your eyes open.” When all I wanted to do at some points was close them (for sleep or because the site was too much. No. No keep ‘em open).

No. Don’t miss this. Don’t miss the God-ordained picture that’s painted right in front of your face. Don’t look through it to something else, see it for all it’s worth and let it inspire awe in the moment and the God who planned the moment and sustains it.

I don’t think this is self-help information, I think it’s just a practice to be used. Something that’ll point us to worship while at the same time helping us to see our business isn’t all we are.

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