Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Thoughts

1) Playing a show thing tonight with one of the roomates. Come on down. I'll actually sing... by myself.  (Shudders)

2) I've craved Chik-Fil-A more times this week than ever before. I mean I read the name and drool. How is a boycott suppose to work if everytime you say you hate something you just want it more? I don't know how that's gonna last.

3) Words are the only real magic we have. If they're not free then we might as well be ignorant, mute, and dead.

4) I started re-arranging my basement yesterday then saw a spider. I calmly walked upstiars, got the bug spray, and straight killed that thing dead... then sprayed the whole house.

5) Saw Batman. Lost a bet.

6) I petition we have all state border signs read, "Welcome to Kansas. Home on the Range. Known to the Greeks as Hades. Known to everyone else as Hell."

7) Started "The Goblet of Fire."

8) My post from Wednesday is, in my mind, an always rant that I want everyone to know about.

9) Brian Regan is always funny. ALWAYS.

10) I'm eagerly waiting for my paycheck so I can buy The Gaslight Anthem's new record "Handwritten."

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