Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures - An Engagment Story (IV)

Yesupadam and Monika called my name one morning after breakfast,“Sam.”

I turned around and walked back to them thinking one of my folk had done something wrong and I’d need to do something about it. Until I got closer, something else was coming out of their eyes. And sure enough, as we faced outside the chapel of Love-N-Care Ministries Monika said, “We want to give you our permission to pursue our daughter.”

            My initial thought was, “Your daughter is 14…” What came out of my mouth was hoarse whisper, “Bethany?!?”

            “No, no, no! We would love it if you’d pursue our daughter.” They repeated while pointing behind them at Mackenzie who was sitting with her friends finishing their breakfast.

            I was shaking, literally I raised my hand and showed them - it was like a Parkinson riddled old man, my heart was racing in my throat, and my mind was swimming with both praise and thankfulness. It was a roller coaster. Never had God spoken to me like this about someone and never had it been so confirmed by people I respect so deeply.

            “I’d prayed about that,” was my only response.

            “What do I do with a recommendation like that? I want to do something, but what? How do I talk to her? I’m dangerous; she should run from me, right? God what are you doing?” Questions and ideas and more ideas and terrible ideas and great ideas were shooting across my brain as we walked down to the school to paint, “what do I do?”

            I threw down my paint brush and looked at my buddies painting the wall with me, “Guys what do I do with a recommendation like this?!?” I asked almost frustrated.

            They told me to go for it, so did Hugh (one the elders and one of my dearest friends) and so did Jeremy (one of the pastors and another dear friend). “Obviously she has the same interests as you,” “You’re both in India,” and, “What do you have to loose,” kept being repeated to me. Allie, a good girl friend of mine echoed these same sentiments.

            I wrote this in my journal that night,

“Jan. 8, 2012
Today was rather interesting for a couple of reasons. First, because Yesupadam and Monika took my aside and told me, “You have our blessing to pursue our daughter.” At first I was confused - their daughter is 14, but then I understood they were talking about one of the women from the other group here, Mckenzy (sp?) I do not deny she is pretty and often I’ve seen her reading Scripture and silently meditating over the Bible. I must speak with her about this if for nothing more than the immense amount of respect I hold for Yesupadam and Monika.
Also Brad and I are going to try to stay for another week if it is possible to do so, Jeremy said it was okay – just to cover any extra costs we might have.
Lastly, I was able to preach at the village tonight, as well as play music (long night for my voice). It was a fun evening.
This group God put together and got here are a prime group, they’re learning a ton and dealing with it beautifully – I don’t doubt they’ll each never be the same from this. J
I’m both fearful and oddly excited about this lady Yesupadam and Monika have recommended to me, but I must control my raging and violent heart cause I feel like a tempest that may destroy her ship. God will provide the strength as well as the wisdom to discern the correct action(s).
Soli Fide. Soli Gratia. Soli Scriptura. Soli Cristo. Soli Deo Gloria.”

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