Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventures - An Engagement Story (VII)

​For five days we got to be together and talk and pray together, to laugh and have fun together. Then came Sunday, we were going to go to my old pastor’s church but girl wasn’t ready so we decided to listen to a John Piper sermon, so while she got ready I found some options for us. Then she called from the back, “See if Yesupadam and Monika are on Skype.” So I did, and they were.

We called them up and talked for a little while. They kept asking if we told each other yet, I knew they were referring to my garden conversation with God. We hadn’t told each other yet. But I was convicted that we needed to, not pressured or lured into telling her, but convicted - in my heart, by my God - to tell this girl I was supposed to love her.

So as we sat on opposite sides of the couch I told this beautiful woman that God told me to love her. He gave me signs to prove to my cynical heart that I was to love her. (That no matter your past God told me to love you, no matter our future God told me to love you, no matter the present God told me to love you and love you I shall!)

Then she looked me in the eyes and said, “You’re my husband.” And all the bones in my body and fiber of soul and heartstrings did sing inside me to hear those words come from her mouth. “You are my husband.” YES, YES I AM! By the immeasurable grace of God to me a stupid sinner who has kicked against my God time and time again and spurned his counsel and swept his providence under the rug, by God I am certain that Mackenzie will be my wife.

I'm terrified, but confident.

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